As more and more people are buying their favourite things online, more and more drivers are needed to collect and deliver their parcels. That’s where local delivery teams of couriers come in.

You could be a full-time parent looking for a part-time opportunity, or recently retired and looking to earn some extra cash. Or perhaps you’re searching for your main source of revenue. A role as a courier suits all kinds of people.

As a courier, you’ll use your own car to deliver parcels to customers in your local area and meet and greet lots of different people during the day, as you deliver small parcels and packages in great condition straight to their doors.

Working flexibly, you’ll fill up your car with parcels (that have already been sorted and bagged for you), plan your route, and then deliver them in your local area. As you’ll be self-employed, there’s plenty of flexibility when it comes to how many parcels you deliver too. Whether you want to deliver 30 or 70 parcels a day – it’s up to you!

With huge amounts of energy and great route planning skills, you’ll also love driving and know your local area like the back of your hand. So, become a courier and enjoy more freedom and control over when and where you work.



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